Essayes of natural experiments : made in the Academie del Cimento, under protect
Carta di guardia
Prefazione al lettore
The descriptions of some instruments to discover the alterations of the air, cau...
The descriptions of the instruments: shewing, the various alterations happening ...
A relation of various accidents, observable in some animals included in vacuo
Experiments of artificial freezing
Experiments of natural freezing
Experiments, touching effect of heat and cold, lately observed as to alteration ...
Experiments about the compression of water
Experiments to prove there is no positive levity
Experiments magnetical
Experiments, touching amber, and other electric bodies
Experiments about altering the colours of several fluids
Experiments about the motions of sounds
Experiments about bodies projected
Miscellaneous experiments
Experiments touching some effects of heat and cold
Some experiments, to know if glass and crystal be penetrable by odours and humid...
Some experiments concerning light, and its effects
Experiments about the digestion of some animals
A Table of the principal Matters Contained in this Work

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