The residual analysis :
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The Residual Analysis
Chap. I. Terms and Characters explained
Chap. II. Of the Invention of Rules necessary to faciliate Computations in this ...
Chap. III. Of Exponentials and Logarithms
Chap. IV. Of the Properties of certain Algebraic Expressions
Chap. V. Of the Tangents of curve Lines
Chap. VI. Of the Investigation of useful Theorems, by finding the nature of a Cu...
Chap. VII. Of the Evolution and Curvature of Lines; with some inferences relatin...
Chap. VIII. Of the greatest and least ordinates, the Points of contrary flexion ...
Chap. IX. Of the Asymptotes of curve Lines
Chap. X. Of the Diameters and Centers of curve Lines

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